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Equipping Churches

stained glass windowWe are looking forward to having a section for churches on the new Faraday Institute website in 2020. Until then, enjoy this temporary landing page.

Everyone is affected by questions about science and faith. We can all enjoy the wonders of creation, whether outdoors or online. Ethical questions are prompted by news stories or visits to the doctor’s surgery. Most congregations will include some scientists or science graduates, and every young person has to study science at school. Engagement with science is not an optional extra for people today - it is happening whether we like it or not!

Sadly, in a recent survey 30% of non-Christians and 10% of Christians thought the church was ‘not compatible with science’ (World Vision/Barna, 2018, over 2,000 non-Christians and 1,000 Christians surveyed). The Faraday Institute has responded to this challenge by appointing Dr Ruth Bancewicz as its Church Engagement Director. Her aim is to equip and encourage you and your congregation to interact with science in relevant and readily accessible ways, as part of your regular activities. 

Information pack for Church Leaders (pdf, 550KB)

Leaflet about how our work with churches (pdf, 680MB)

For more details please contact Dr Ruth Bancewicz (bio)
01223 760 741


Resources list for small groups and services, podcasts, videos, articles and more.

Science and Belief: weekly blog edited by Ruth Bancewicz

Science & Belief Facebook & twitter: news, events & resources for church leaders & their congregations

Churches @ Faraday: section of the monthly Faraday Institute newsletter containing news & resources specifically for church leaders. Signup on the Faraday homepage (bottom right corner)